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It has taken me a while to figure this one out, but alas i finally got a happy middle ground.

WIth that said lets get to it . So first off , Pre orders will be up for items that have shipped already. THis ensures accurate qqty and pricing , but also prevents quite a few issues incase things go wrong . The other Reasoning behind this is , lets face it nobody likes waiting months Months for items with their money being held onto. I also really dont like that idea specially without communications. All items will be labeled properly for this . As well as you can pay for us shipping before hand , so pay once and you will have us tracking as soon as i make a label , usually before item arrives. This also helps with demand , and supply , as i know if pre orders clear out it will help to order more as well. The 30 day arrive time , gives me alittle leeway, to change or adjust orders , to gather funds for adding more items so on so forth, but also allows for customs holds as well if they do accrue. I will also be posting , japan to us shipping so every customer knows where their pre orders are as soon as i have it. If it gets here sooner awesome if it arriving late or having issues you will also know this . :) happy building happy buying.

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