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Update time WOOT

First off i believe the new shipping system is in affect and well Other than flat rate seems to work the best for small and medium as well as large orders. Secondly i added loot crates sadly the boxes that are displayed , well those containers are abot 60-80 bucks a container and limited so no they are not included and that would be a expensive loot crate, but if the loot crates do well i will get custom made boxes possibly plastic for them . Thirdly Mg 00 raisers are on sale and if you read this theres a coupon CODE hidden in here. as for a list of incoming i have alot on order if you head over to my fb page the link Should be there if not There it is. Im working on a japan order do i know when this will happen not sure yet .

Lastly Everyone is worried about the bandai shutting down some stores from selling overseas. this is a good thing , For some time the us sellers legit or not have a atrocious reputation , for shady , illegal and various other things , over the years ive seen tax evasion issues , state health department issues , overall was never a good look. the entire us gunpla selling industry needs to be better i have been saying this for years , part the reason why i started this to do better , to one day hope to prove to japan that putting a factory here would benefit all , this requires alot . The shutdown will affect said scalpers, will make shady dealings less hard , will hopefully cut down on the illegal un registered business as well as even the legal ones that like to favor some places over others. Will this affect me , unlikely . I have legit reps through bandai jp , i could pick up my orders at the manufacturing plant if i wished too or last i was offered that at least. Also have legit great wholesalers in the us that are Tied to bandai Jp as well. The merger of bandai usa and bluefin , who knows . What we can agree on is bluefin getting some scrutiny and getting better . Thats all folks stay safe build happy.

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Neon Rush
Neon Rush
17 sept 2022

Didn't see an option for flat rate shipping. Just priority shipping or pickup

Me gusta
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